How It Works

What are the benefits of buying and selling a car with WA Car Locator.

Simple-We Make the Process Convenient!

We are a one stop shop. From start to finish we take all the major hassles out of buying and selling a car and getting it financed. All of these are done by us in-house and in one place. It’s so simple and easy!

Buying and Selling a Car Without Finance

If you have ever tried to sell your car online, you know the hassle and the wasted weekends waiting around for people who never show up, wasted phone calls from idiots offering you stupid low prices and other people who will simple waste your time. This can go on for months. Alternatively you can talk to multiple car dealers and haggle your way through that experience driving your car from dealer to dealer.

We try to make the process as easy as possible. Simply fill in the Car locator form and tell us if you need a trade–in or not and we will take it from there. One of our staff who is a car specialist will assess your needs and find the best car price and best car trade-in price through our vast industry contacts and negotiate on your behalf. We will get back to you on the phone initially and then start the process of finding the best deal possible based on the deal that you have requested.

Buying Need Finance?

As well as the benefits of buying a car and selling a car above if you require finance for your purchase we can help out there as well. The site conveniently has a free credit report application that will allow you to assess your credit status. We also have a loan calculator that will help you understand the time and cost repayment possibilities available to you. We also have a financial application form to allow you to finalise everything in one place. One of our friendly staff will help you through the process from beginning to end.

About Us

WA Car Locator is dedicated to helping you find the car that is just right for you. Unlike most sites that only focus on one thing such as just finding a car, we recognize that you need a range of information in order to get the car that you want. For this reason we provide the following:

  • Locate a car based on your specific requirements
  • Organise a trade in if you need one
  • Organise the finance based on your car price and repayment term.
  • Provide a car repayment calculator to help you understand the affordability of your purchase.

We are here to help in all ways possible and are excited to be making a difference to the car buying experience of people in Western Australia. Happy Motoring from WA Car Locator.


I have used WA Car locater to buy all my vehicles as well as my families vehicles ,over the last 14 years. He is professional and provides a smooth and efficient service , with heaps of knowledge on all makes and models and the best part I is he brings the vehicles to me.
I would highly recommend there services

Troy MacArthur

We have used WA car locater for over 10 years , when rapidly sourcing a whole fleet of vehicles , or the one off , they make the whole process a lot smoother and we can consecrate on our business. Premium have complete trust with Michael and will not hesitate to recommend him to other businesses.

Premium Mechanical Group

Michael was exceptionally quick and professional when locating a car for my mother in-law. Michael also handled all communication with the sales person and negotiated a great price

Sarah Potts

Michael was fantastic, he was able to locate me a car at a great price within 24hrs and also traded in my old car for me, I hardly had to do anything! I highly recommend Michael's services.

Tessa Elizabeth

Michael was exceedingly professional, extremely knowledgeable and took a lot of stress out of buying a new car. Not only did he get me an exceptional deal on the car that I wanted, but he helped secure a really low interest rate on finance, transferred my personal plates over to my new car, and arranged transport so I could pick my car up. All I had to do was sign the contract and drive away in my new car... the rest was taken care of!

Dean Hocek

Michael helped us buy a new car and sell our existing car!!! well he did everything, that was the best selling/buying a car ever!!! can't believe we have our new car already!!! Thank you so much Michael!!!

Joanna Randell